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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Many Floridians say they’d ignore hurricane evacuation warnings

Attorney General Ashley Moody

This week, in recognition of the beginning of hurricane season, we released our 2023 Hurricane Preparedness Guide. The guide is filled with tips and information to help Floridians prepare for a storm strike—or any scams that could arise before, during or in the aftermath.

The release comes after a new report claims one in five Floridians have no intention of making storm preparations and one in four would not even follow evacuation warnings.

This is extremely concerning, especially on the heels of last year’s devastating season that caused tremendous damage and flooding in our state. I want to encourage those Floridians defying the experts to reconsider their strategy and check out our preparedness guide for information about how to protect life and property.

Some important tips from the guide include:

  • Know evacuation routes and shelter locations;
  • Stock up on enough food, water and emergency supplies for the entire household for at least seven days;
  • Check that storm-related products are hurricane-proof or impact-proof before purchasing; and
  • Report price gouging to our office using our No Scam app.

To access the 2023 Hurricane Preparedness Guide in English, click here. A Spanish version can be accessed here.

By preparing now for a potential storm strike, you can protect your family and help us build a Stronger, Safer Florida.

Ashley Moody is attorney general of Florida.

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