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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Inspector finds insects and debris-covered oven at Perkins in The Villages

An inspector found insects in the food preparation area and other unhealthful violations at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery in The Villages.

The inspector visited the restaurant at 905 Bichara Blvd. on Sept. 13 and found three high-priority violations, five intermediate violations and  17 basic violations, according to a report on file with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The violations were serious enough to require a followup inspection.

There were “live, small flying insects” in the kitchen, food preparation area and food storage area. There was also a moth on the cookline. The inspector found raw beef stored too close to cheese. The inspector also found butter stored at 47 degrees rather than at the required 41 degrees.

There was an accumulation of food debris in the oven in the bakery area, an accumulation of debris on the exterior of the warewashing machine, an ice bucket stored on the floor between uses, a hashbrown scooper without a proper handle and an ice cream scooper was stored on a soiled area between uses.

There was water leaking from a faucet and standing water on the floor due to a slow drain.

A cook was wearing a watch while preparing food and another employee had a beverage in the food preparation area. An employee handwash sink was not able to produce water at a high enough temperature deemed to be safe for making sure hands were clean.

There were also problems with paperwork. The manager could not provide proof of state-mandated employee training for all employees and training for some employees had expired.

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