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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Either a house is in compliance or it is not in compliance

To the Editor:

I’ve seen several letters and heard many people express their opinion about anonymous complaints about properties that may be in violation to the Deed Restrictions or Community Standards. Either a property is or is not in compliance with the Deed Restrictions and Community Standards. Why does it matter who reports the alleged property violation? Is it because the property owner wants to somehow retaliate against the reporting party? It is NOT up to the reporting party to make the determination as to whether there is a violation. It is up to the District’s Deed Compliance Department to make that determination. If there is a violation it is the District who takes action to get the violation corrected, NOT the reporting party. If there is no violation the property owner is never contacted. Don’t we all want The Villages to look well maintained? Isn’t that part of the reason why we all moved here? If the reporting party’s allegations are not valid nothing will be done, they will have just wasted their time making the complaint. This is NOT a fight between the reporting party and the property owner. If you keep your property looking good and comply with the Deed Restrictions for your property, what are you worried about?

Kenneth Mann
Village of De La Vista West


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