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My Letter to the Editor really struck a nerve in The Villages

To the Editor:

First, I do need to apologize for painting all Villagers in my original piece. It wasn’t fair to lump all of you together. I’m sure some are decent people just trying to live your best lives.
However, the rest of you did not disappoint. So many “I’ve lived in the Villages blah blah years and I never experienced blah blah.” My statements were about how Villagers treat folks outside of their “bubble”. So, comprehension was sorely lacking. Then the “you’re bitter, mean, bigoted, and should move!” Oh, and let’s not forget “jealous”. I was called arrogant by a woman wearing a tiarra! Snicker, snicker. And for the love of Pete, please stop using the term, Karen. You aren’t getting it right and it just makes you look silly and out of touch.
Thankfully your opinion of me doesn’t affect how I feel about myself. I’m a very happy person with a witty sense of humor. But boy did my opinion of you strike a nerve. It must be terrible not to be the most popular girl in school.
Some of you seemed truly obsessed though. Village Visitor went so far as to post the address of my son. Who by the way is a disabled veteran. All the while hiding behind a fake username. Then there was the veiled threat of “sleep well!” One guy who calls himself “Facts Matter” posted eighteen (and counting) comments practically begging for me to respond to him and gets really upset when I don’t. Some went after my political affiliation and looked up my voter registration. I don’t know why that is relevant, but someone thought it was.
Many of you launched attacks on the surrounding communities saying they were nothing more than trailer trash and full of drug addicts. Which further proves the attitude some Villagers have against the locals. Then there’s that tiresome argument about contributing to the tax base. YOU suck up the majority of the tax base!! So, you aren’t doing the rest of us any favors by paying taxes. You tie up emergency personnel and clog up health services.
I enjoy writing and had a blast responding to you. It seems some of you let it ruin your day and that is sad. But the hundreds of comments just proved the points I made. So, thank you. You gave my little opinion piece the credibility it deserved. I can hardly wait for the next round.

Pamela Denham


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