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Will there be any justice for an innocent man?

Gilbert Windsor
Gilbert Windsor

On Nov. 18, 2022, an innocent man Oren Miller, former elected Sumter County commissioner, was incarcerated (75 days) in the Marion County Jail based upon the arbitrary, capricious , desultory State Attorney Willam Gladson’s evidence presented to the court. The Appeals Court viewed the evidence submitted by the States Attorney Willam Gladson’s Office and found no existence of “crime beyond a reasonable doubt” as to support a conviction for perjury. The Appeals Court also affirmed, “no rational trier of facts could have during the States Attorney’s investigation find elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt”.

In a 2021 press release States Attorney Mr. William Gladson concerning a non-related case said, “I have not witnessed a more complete breakdown of the criminal justice system.”  Also in same press release Mr. Gladson stated, “a poignant reminder of the importance of vigilance in safeguarding justice.”

• Did the States Attorney’s Office disregard their oaths, and set in motion a series of events that forever destroyed Oren Miller’s reputation, his family and the public’s confidence?

• States Attorney ‘s Office of the 5th Judicial Circuit Court owes the residents why was Oren Miller charged in the first place?

• How will the States Attorney’s Office recover Oren Miller’s freedom that was taken away from him and his family?

We have in the United States a “legal” system however do we have a “justice” system?

Gilbert Windsor is a resident of the Village of Bonita.

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