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Residents frustrated after grandkids move into home in The Villages

Residents are frustrated after four grandchildren moved into a home in The Villages and nothing has been done to remedy the situation.

The uncomfortable reality is occurring in the Village of Linden, located south of State Road 44.

The mother of the children is reportedly living in the home with her parents and during the school year, the children were said to be attending Villages Elementary of Lady Lake. It’s summer and they are all there, enjoying the pool and The Villages’ lifestyle.

Neighbors approached The Villages, but other than a few letters, no action has been taken and the children continue to reside in the home.

They have called and written the offending neighbor, but the neighbor blatantly ignores them. The neighbor even admitted to the Developer the kids have been there over a year and he knows it is wrong and against the rules,” said Jim Susalla of the Village of Linden.

He quoted the specific deed restriction that applies to this situation:

No person under nineteen (19) years of age may be a permanent resident of a Home, except that persons below the age of nineteen (19) years may be permitted to visit and temporarily reside for periods not exceeding thirty (30) days in total in any calendar year period.

To add insult to injury, Susalla and his neighbors have been told they could take it upon themselves to file a lawsuit to try to get the children out of the home. But that doesn’t seem reasonable.

“It should definitely not be the responsibility of the neighbors to enforce something The Villages put in place. I agree The Villages should enforce internal deed restrictions as aggressively as they enforce external deed restrictions. Perhaps the Villagers need to get together and file a lawsuit against the Developer and their representatives for failure to uphold these deed restrictions,” he said.

In recent months, some community development districts have flirted with the idea of taking over the responsibility for enforcement of internal deed restrictions. Communication from the Developer to the District Government has indicated the Developer is ready to hand off that responsibility to the CDDs. However, many CDD supervisors have indicated taking over enforcement of internal deed restrictions – such as children in the home or running a business out of a home – would be opening a big, potentially costly can of worms. Those supervisors argue their CDDs already have their hands full with enforcement of external deed restrictions.

On the other hand, some supervisors are as frustrated at the Village of Linden residents who are dealing with the four grandchildren in the home. Those officials feel they owe it to the residents to try to step in and take action to enforce the deed restrictions.

Do you think the CDDs should accept the responsibility from the Developer for the enforcement of internal deed restrictions? Share your thoughts at letters@villages-news.com

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