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Trump told bold-faced lies throughout debate

Former President Trump told bold faced lies on virtually EVERY answer in his debate Thursday night with President Biden. So many lies!

These are just a few of his numerous lies:

1. Jan. 6- “I called for the National Guard- I knew they were needed”- Trump’s Secretary of Defense confirmed Trump did NOT call for the National Guard at any time. He sat in his Dining Room and ignored pleas to stop the violence for over three hours while police were being beaten by the mob. VP Pence gave the order for the National Guard while hiding from the mob.

2. Insulin cost- Trump said “I got insulin costs lowered”- he did NOT get all insulin costs lowered Biden did.

3. Border- “Terrorists are coming across the border and killing hundreds of Americans in every state at a level we’ve never seen before”- a lie. Border crossings are down 40% and the bipartisan bill that would solve the issue- Trump directed House GOP to block passage. The same bill would help solve the fentanyl drug problem

4. Border – “Terrorists are being put on social security and on Medicare and taking jobs from Americans”- a lie. Only citizens get Social Security benefits and medicare. “Terrorists are taking jobs from blacks and hispanics.” Unemployment is record lows- jobs go begging.

5. Calling dead US soldiers “suckers & losers”- Trump lied & said he did not say it.- a 4star general standing next to him when he said it reported it.

6. Ukraine and Israel- “Neither would have been invaded if he were in charge”. Trump told Putin- “Do whatever you want”- and he did – he invaded Ukraine.

7. Ukraine- “I will have that war settled before I take office”- How? No one believes that. Gross boast. Colossal lie!!

8. Ukraine – Biden gave Ukraine $200 million. Lie- the U.S. has given no money- only equipment.

9. Ukraine- “The EU spent less money than us- “I got NATO countries to give billions & billions$-more than any other person- i was praised for getting NATO to pay up”- a lie- EU NATO countries have spent MORE than the US in Ukraine and NATO doesn’t pay money – Trump knows nothing about NATO – the agreement for NATO countries is to spend 2% of GDP on their own defense- there is no “pay up”. Trump has said many times he would take the U.S. out of NATO- he gave the order while in office but advisors talked him out of it. It is what Putin wants.

10. Jan 6. – People jailed for Jan. 6 were “peaceful and patriotic” – “Biden destroyed their lives”- actually they were charged and jailed by courts and juries after FBI investigations- many were turned in by their families or their own social media.

11. “The Jan. 6 House Committed destroyed their documents … because we were right and they should be indicted.” A lie – no documents were destroyed.

12. “Biden is a criminal- the Ukraine prosecutor and withholding U.S. aid” – that lie was disproved years ago.

13. “America is a disaster and failing due to Biden”- according to the World Bank – the U.S. economy is the envy of the World – it’s strength stabilizes the world.

14. “Biden is the worst President ever”-actually Trump has been ranked worst by over 100 historians. 40 of Trump’s 44 cabinet & officers including his VP refuse to endorse him and say he is not competent to be POTUS.

15. “Inflation is horrible- Biden caused it- Food costs double or triple- people are dying”. Food is actually up only 20% and now declining. Inflation was not zero under Trump. it was 1.4% because the economy collapsed due to the pandemic- many were not working, people were in lines at food banks. Inflation later soared as the economy tried to restart- corporations raised prices due to supply chain shortages. Inflation CPI is now 2.5% down from 9% and the US avoided a recession that had been predicted by all economists.

16. Trump said he fired a lot of people. Trump’s advisors say he NEVER fires anyone – he ducks firing anyone – he makes others do it.

17. “America is weak under Biden and was respected under Trump”. Laughable! Western nations laughed at Trump and both Putin and Kim used him by flattery – a useful idiot. No western leader respected Trump.

18. Trump said he passed two cognitive tests -one by Dr. Jackson (who was demoted by the military) five questions. Cognitive tests are only given if indicated – if there are symptoms.

19. “We are close to WW III and Biden is driving us to it – because Kim and Putin don’t respect Biden.” Sweden and Finland joined NATO for protection by the US and Western Europe because of Russian aggression- they respect the U.S. under Biden- they fear another Trump term.

There were many more lies by Trump. But having said that, Biden was not at his best. Staff said he had a cold the last week and his voice was raspy & low. He spoke too fast and his stutter was evident -not finishing some sentences. I fear some people will use that and not favor him. And too many people are gullible and will believe the myriad of gross lies by Trump.

This election is so important. The GOP elite and mega-corporations want free rein & no regulation to push obscene profits and are backing Project 2025 if Trump is elected to wipe out our Republic and any shred of democracy – we will have tyranny.

Lies told in a debate are a bad reason to vote for Trump. Look past it and think about the risks of another Trump term. The danger is enormous. Those of us with wealth will be less affected. But, middle and lower-middle class people- actually those that probably plan to vote for Trump – many who live in the Villages on fixed incomes, will be hurt the most.

William Beckett is a resident of the Village of Sanibel.

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