Intoxicated Village of Belvedere man tasered at Lake Sumter Landing movie theater

Shawn Patrick Maloney

An apparently intoxicated Village of Belvedere man was tasered at a Lake Sumter Landing movie theater.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies responded shortly before 9 p.m. Friday to the Old Mill Playhouse where Sumter EMS personnel were already at the scene to tend to 41-year-old Shawn Patrick Maloney.

A theater employee called 911 after discovering Maloney passed out in the theater. After rousing Maloney, he became “aggressive” with the theater employee, according to an arrest report. He grabbed the employee and used profane language.

Deputies found Maloney outside the movie theater. He refused to cooperate with deputies, approached a deputy in a threatening manner and was tasered. Even after he was tasered, Maloney continued to resist deputies.

He was arrested on charges of battery, simple assault and resisting arrest.

He was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on $8,000 bond.

Last year, Maloney was arrested on a drunk driving charge after he was spotted driving a golf cart on County Road 466.

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