Movie Listings in The Villages

Effective Friday, Nov. 16  – Thursday, Nov. 22


Green Book (PG-13)   Starts Wednesday, 11/21
Running Time: 2:20
8:40am, 11:10am,
4:45pm, 7:45pm

The Greatest Show on Earth (NR)
Running Time: 2:19
1:45pm and 5:00pm ONLY

Widows (R)
Running Time: 2:19
9:00am, 12:00pm,
4:00pm, 6:50pm, 9:40pm

Boy Erased (R)
Running Time: 2:04
9:30am, 12:15pm,
5:15pm, 7:00pm, 9:40pm

Faberge: A Life of It’s Own (NR)
Running Time: 1:37
9:00am, 2:50pm, 5:00pm

Here and Now (R)
Running Time: 1:41
8:45am, 11:30am, 1:45pm

River Runs Red (NR)
Running Time: 1:44
9:15am, 11:30am, 3:00pm, 8:15pm

Dr. Suess’ The Grinch (PG)
Running Time: 1:40
2D Showtimes – 8:30am, 10:45am,
1:00pm, 5:45pm, 8:00pm
3D Showtimes – 3:15pm ONLY

Beautiful Boy (R)
Running Time: 2:10
11:00am, 2:00pm,
7:10pm, 9:45pm

First Man (PG-13)
Running Time: 2:31
12:10pm, 3:15pm, 6:20pm


Creed II (PG-13) Starts Wednesday, 11/21
Running Time: 2:07
10:00am, 12:45pm,
3:30pm, 6:15pm, 9:00pm

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (PG-13)
Running Time: 2:24
2D Showtimes – 9:30am, 2:35pm,
3:30pm, 8:00pm, 9:30pm
3D Showtimes – 12:30pm and 6:30pm

Speed Kills (R)
Running Time: 1:52
10:00am, 12:30pm,
3:00pm, 5:30pm, 8:00pm

A Private War (R)
Running Time: 2:00
9:45am, 12:45pm,
3:30pm, 6:15pm, 8:45pm

Trew Calling (PG-13) Last Day, Tuesday, 11/20
Running Time: 1:40
12:00pm, 4:45pm, 9:30pm

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (R)
Running Time: 1:56
9:35am, 12:05pm, 2:35pm, 5:05pm, 7:35pm

Overlord (R)
Running Time: 2:00
9:30am, 12:00pm, 5:30pm, 9:00pm

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (PG)
Running Time: 1:49
9:30am, 12:00pm, 2:30pm, 5:00pm, 7:30pm

Nobody’s Fool (R) Last Day, Tuesday, Nov. 20
Running Time: 2:00
9:45am, 12:20pm, 3:00pm, 5:45pm, 8:45pm

Indivisible (PG-13)
Running Time: 2:10
9:35am, 12:15pm,
2:55pm, 5:35pm, 8:15pm


Ralph Breaks the Internet (PG) Starts Tuesday, 11/20
Running Time: 2:02
6:00pm and 8:45pm ONLY
Wednesday & Thursday 11/21 – 11/22:
2D Showtimes – 10:15am, 12:05pm, 7:00pm
3D Showtimes – 4:00pm

The Front Runner (R) Starts Wednesday, 11/21
Running Time: 2:02
9:40am, 1:30pm, 4:45pm, 10:25pm

Instant Family (PG-13)
Running Time: 2:09
10:35am, 1:20pm,
5:05pm, 7:30pm, 10:15pm

The Clovehitch Killer (NR) Ends Monday, 11/19
Running Time: 2:00
10:45pm ONLY

The Girl in the Spider’s Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story (R)
Running Time: 2:05
10:45am, 12:00pm,
2:40pm, 7:45pm, 9:35pm

Wildlife (PG-13)
Running Time: 1:54
9:40am, 12:10pm,
2:40pm, 4:00pm

Bohemian Rhapsody (PG-13)
Running Time: 2:25
9:45am, 12:45pm, 3:45pm,
6:45pm, 9:45pm

Hunter Killer (R)
Running Time: 2:12
9:40am, 2:45pm, 10:20pm

Halloween (R) Last Day, Tuesday, 11/20
Running Time: 1:56
1:30pm, 4:45pm, 10:25pm

The Old Man & the Gun (PG-13)
Running Time: 1:43
9:45am, 12:25pm,
5:15pm, 7:30pm, 9:45pm

Venom (PG-13)
Running Time: 2:02
10:15am, 1:00pm,
4:00pm, 7:00pm, 9:40pm

A Star is Born(R)
Running Time: 2:26
10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm
6:35pm, 7:25pm