Man with 16 prior felony convictions jailed after traffic stop at Buffalo Ridge

Thomas Daniel Dorsa

Thomas Daniel Dorsa

An Ocala man with 16 prior felony convictions was arrested Wednesday evening after a traffic stop at Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages.

A vehicle in which 25-year-old Thomas Daniel Dorsa had been riding as a passenger was pulled over for traveling without headlights, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. A K-9 alerted on the vehicle and a search turned up marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Dorsa admitted it belonged to him. A criminal history check showed no prior narcotics convictions, but it did turn up 16 prior felony convictions.

He was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center and released after posting $3,000 bond.


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  1. Dott Munster says

    I love that this report is posted with FALSE information. Especially that your paper is run by people who think a man who is just we can even be on the streets with a record like that. Perhaps more focus should be on people like Blair who have been arrested for being shady on the other end of the spectrum. The first thing I expect in anything news related is to verify their facts. Absolutely SHOCKED at the lack of research in this.

  2. Grace Gantner says

    I would be willing to see some of my tax money go for building more and bigger jails. AND I am not willing for my tax money to go to most things. It is not SAD, it is angry making that this guy is allowed to endanger the rest of the people he drives among. It is lack of responsibility on his part and some dangfool glitch in government too. Why are people arrested if they are thrown right back out?

    • Dott Munster says

      This report is FLASE & he isn’t endangering anyone. If anyone who read this looked up his record they’d know Florida doesn’t even allow that many convictions. He’s only 25, he wouldn’t even be able to have that many and be out of jail. It’s lack of knowledge & open mouths that talk about things that have zero to do with them. That is what’s SAD!

  3. Ann Eggleston says

    He’s 25 and has 16 felony convictions. Many places have three strikes laws. Florida gives you 23 strikes. Probation is much more lucrative. Especially if kickbacks are involved. Not saying they are. Just thinking something is wrong with the system here.

    • Dott Munster says

      Except if you look his record up, my husband does not have that many charges and the situation is not was reported. This is a complately FALSE report .

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