Village of Glenbrook woman arrested after allegedly deliberately ramming sign at McDonald’s

A Village of Glenbrook woman was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly rammed into a sign at McDonald’s.

Motorists in the parking lot of the restaurant on U.S. Hwy. 27/441 began calling Lady Lake police at around 4 p.m., reporting a red SUV driving “crazy through the parking lot,” according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

When an officer made contact with the driver, 45-year-old Catherine Ellen Johnson, she was “immediately argumentative,” the arrest report indicated.

Crime scene tape is up at the damaged McDonald's sign.

Crime scene tape is up at the damaged McDonald’s sign.

She apparently drove across the median at U.S. Hwy. 27/441 and “purposely drove into the sign in front of McDonald’s.”

Damage to the sign was estimated at more than $15,000.

Catherine Ellen Johnson

Catherine Ellen Johnson

When an officer asked her why she had driven into the sign, she said she didn’t like McDonald’s. She also said she “drove into the sign intentionally due to her brother dying,” the report said.

After she was placed in the back of a patrol car, she was able to remove one of the handcuffs in which she had been placed. When an officer got Johnson out of the car to re-secure her, she kicked the officer in the right thigh.

She was booked at the Lake County Jail on charges of criminal mischief and battery on a law enforcement officer. She was released after posting $7,000 bond.



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  1. Yvonne Dillaha says

    I lost my brother, too. I didn’t going around destroying property when it happened. You don’t like McDonald’s? Don’t go there. Simple.

    • Chip Griffen says

      She is 45, lost a family member…this is one way to Baker Act yourself (even though no local facilities are designed to hand the PT’s) But, if she had bereavement issues, trust me – she had no place to turn. Maybe, just maybe desperate times called for desperate measures.

    • Catherine E Johnson says

      A woman who chose to leave her life behind her to ensure she got precious time with her Dad who passed away May 18th. You Villagers should be ashamed for making assumptions!

      • LiZa Adkison says

        no Catherine, you should be ashamed for taking your grief out on the sign and driving in such a DANGEROUS manner in the parking lot and ASSAULTING the police officer…we ALL feel grief when our loved ones pass, but we don’t endanger others with such STUPIDITY… hope you enjoy your 5 minutes of fame, and be thankful you were not also charged with being under the influence, cuz we ALL know you were

  2. James Radatz says

    This individual has other problems. She should have been sent for a 48 hour + evaluation. She may be dangerous to herself, along with others.

    • Lou Card says

      It is no one’s business if she is dangerous to herself. Too many times American idiots try to protect people from theirselves. Get off that shit. Meddling interfering jerks, are so annoying. Give help when asked for, but stay out of others business when not asked for your noses to get involved.

        • LiZa Adkison says

          no Roger, it is not the air, he is just high on something else… you can always tell when Lou is under “the influence”… he either uses profanity or starts talking Jesus… this time we got the vulgar profanity

      • James Radatz says

        L.C. posted: Take this idiot’s license please. Then take her damn car!! L.C. Note, in my comment, I did not suggest a negative, as did you, I only suggested that she be checked to make sure she doesn’t have any dangerous issues.

        • Bill Williams says

          James, why do people make excuses for these idiots? Why of course she has issues! Driving a 3K lb vehicle fast through a parking lot and purposely running into the McDonald’s sign is not not normal. Duh! Put the stupid woman in jail for some serious time and let her sober up from drugs, drink or whatever.

  3. Bruce says

    Your compassion is overwhelming! This woman obviously has some issues, whether it’s alcohol or mental health. Why is everyone so quick to condemn without knowing any of the facts? Be thankful no one was seriously injured.

      • Bruce says

        I didn’t say it was alcohol, I said she obviously has issues. Also, I logged on, they asked for a user name, I gave one. I wasn’t aware I needed a resume’ to make a comment. The point i was making which you confirmed nicely, is people can be needlessly nasty.

    • Martin Grupp says

      Read your last sentence again! People should be quick to condemn anyone that uses a car or any other weapon that could have ended lives! Danger to only herself, seriously! Wake up people!

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