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Overwhelmed, frustrated neighbors appeal for some relief from neighbor’s ‘trashy’ yard

Overwhelmed, frustrated neighbors appealed to Community Development District 1 supervisors  for some relief from a neighbor’s “trashy” yard.

The property in question is owned by Tom Dugan and it is located at 1902 Antonia Place.

Neighbors said this has been going on for six years.

They said they have tried to help.

“We have tried to encourage Mr. Dugan to come into compliance. We’ve even volunteered to try to help. We cleaned out 30 bags of trash from the garage one day. I think the garbage men were overwhelmed,” said neighbor Don Doggett.

Vehicles crowd the driveway 1902 Antonia Place.
Vehicles crowd the driveway at 1902 Antonia Place.

Neighbor Rex Hamlett got emotional when he described how he considered trying to sell his house to get away from the situation. He got the sobering news from a real estate agent that he would be forced to absorb a huge loss on his home if he tried to sell it. The agent pointed to the neighboring property as the reason.

Dugan was represented by Mark Wagner, who previously lived at the property. He said he is no longer living with “Uncle Tom.” Wagner identified himself as “the problem child” who had lived at the property.

“I’m gone,” he told the audience at Friday’s CDD 1 meeting. He implored them to show some compassion for Dugan.

He promised that the property would be cleaned up.

“It will be done today,” he said.

However, neighbors indicated that would be a monumental task that likely could not be addressed in a single day.

The board found Dugan in violation of deed compliance and gave him three days to clean up the property. If it is not brought into compliance, he will be fined $150 and fined an additional $50 per day until the property is brought into compliance. If the fines reach $1,500 the case will be turned over to District counsel.

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