Villages officials threaten to shut down dog park

Villages officials are threatening to shut down a dog park here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

The Mulberry Dog Park, located in Community Development District 4 in the Marion County section of The Villages, was opened several years ago.

However, the Amenity Authority Committee put conditions on the dog park.

The dog owners who came forward to request the dog park had promised they would take care of it.

But that’s not happening.

Dogs and owners enjoy the Mulberry Dog Park.

There is reportedly conflict between small dogs and large dogs, Villagers going to the park are taking home the supply of unused poop bags purchased through the AAC and dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs.

“We are very disappointed they have not lived up to their side of the agreement,” said AAC member Ann Forrester.

So dog owners in that section of The Villages could lose the dog park.

“We may close it for 30 days and see what happens,” said AAC Chairman Carl Bell.

There is a difference between the Mulberry Dog Park and other dog parks in The Villages.

Those dog parks were part of the planned development. Mulberry Dog Park was not and was created by the AAC with the condition that the residents take care of it.

Another Villages official suggested other dog parks are also falling short of expectations.

“A lot of our dog parks are in pretty bad shape,” said Community Development District 2 Supervisor Bill Schikora.