The hypocrisy of Megan Boone

To the Editor:

Today I read an article in the, based on a Tweet from Megan Boone. Frankly, I wouldn’t generally give it a second notice, let alone comment on it in writing, but the hypocrisy of it sort of hit me in the head and I found that I couldn’t be content to let it slide.
First, of course, our “local girl makes good” has made it to the news again, as she has before with her pontificating and sermonizing, but this time it was a bit much.
I will admit that I like “The Blacklist”, but for someone who has made a fortune performing on a TV show, (which is perhaps the bloodiest one current airing on prime-time), her comments seem a bit out of line.  In the last few episodes she has starred in, her character has illegally sought out and killed numerous nefarious folks who had a hand in either the killing of her contract killer husband, or had made attempts on her life. Her FBI agent character operates totally outside the law, but she feels the most important thing she can say is that “assault” weapons are bad and she won’t use them on the show.
I guess that is worse than pistols, knives, shards of glass and chopping up a body in a bath tub and chemically dissolving the remains to cover up her involvement.
I guess I see this as one of the signs of the times.
Years ago “Star Wars” was R rated when it came out, and children could only see it in the company of their parents.  Now Megan Boone’s show is there for all ages to watch, and be continually desensitized to the violence that pervades our culture, its movies, video games, and of course, TV shows.
The star of “Blacklist” is a totally amoral man who kills without remorse or second thought, often for his own self aggrandizement, or to acquire a new mansion, work of art or article he has coveted. Some would say the character is almost the personification of evil, but softened with his touch-in-cheek comments and witty repartee.
But in truth, maybe the attitudes portrayed in this made for television Hollywood creation and its portrayal of the darkest sides of the human psyche and disturbed personalities are more dangerous than the weapons she will now forsake on the show. Now at least I can put her in the box of another of Hollywood’s elite, those who denigrate others, while smiling on the way to the bank, and who say “Sorry” and seem contrite when they have profited and contributed to the sad and very real and adverse changes seen in our culture and country.

Tom Wright
Village of Gilchrist