Changing of the guard announced in top ranks of Villages District Office

District Manager Janet Tutt will retire from the position effective July 9.

She announced her retirement Wednesday afternoon at the meeting of the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors.

District Manager Janet Tutt

“Thank you for everything that you’ve done and the standards you have set,” said VCCDD Chairman Steve Drake.

Tutt joined the Villages District government in 2005. She later succeeded Pete Wahl as District manager.

In her resignation letter, Tutt said, “It is always difficult to say goodbye to good friends. And good friends are what I consider my coworkers, elected officials and the many residents I have had the privilege of serving as District Manager.”

Before joining The Villages, Tutt served as deputy administrator in Marion County.

Tutt will be succeeded by Assistant District Manager Richard Baier, who was named as the next District Manager by the board.

Tutt received a standing ovation at the meeting.

In addition, Operations Manager Diane Tucker announced she will be retiring in December. She has been with the District Office for 10 years.