‘Three Identical Strangers’  Is intriguing documentary

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

An out of wedlock young Jewish woman gives birth to identical boy triplets. She wants no part of the kids and turns them over to a Jewish adoption agency in New York City. They see these circumstances as a unique opportunity to place each child with foster parents of various economic and professional backgrounds to study the influences of heredity and environment.    

In their college years, two cross paths.  The similarities are unquestionable. They must be twins. Not only that, but they discover that there is another identical persons making triplets a certainty.

The three join up. Publicity takes over as they are showcased on such shows as The Phil Donahue TV program.  The story as seen in this movie is an intriguing documentary narrated by two of the brothers. 

“Three Identical Strangers” is told without emotion.  It is scientifically interesting but delivered with long  cold-steel monologues. Grade C.  It is on the screen at The Rialto Theater in The Villages.

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