Official calls for amenity fees to be refunded to Villagers forced from homes by sinkholes

An Amenity Authority Committee member on Wednesday called for eight months worth of amenity fees to be refunded to a pair of homeowners whose residences were declared uninhabitable after sinkholes opened up earlier this year.

AAC member Don Deakin said amenity fees have continued to be collected from the Village of Calumet Grove homes owned by Frank and Jan Neumann and Doris Morrill, who were forced from their homes in February.

The Neumanns and Morrill are living in rental units in The Villages, where they also pay amenity fees, Deakin said.

Frank Neumann, whose Calumet Grove home was damaged by sinkholes in February.

“Essentially they are paying twice,” Deakin said. “They can’t even get on their own land.”

Deakin also serves as a Community Development District 4 supervisor. The homes in question are located in CDD 4.

AAC Chairman Carl Bell immediately moved to shut Deakin down.

“We have no authority to do this,” Bell said.

Deakin’s call for the refund of amenity fees received no support from his fellow committee members and died for lack of a second.

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