Villages officials want to hear from residents about issues at Del Mar Gate

Villages officials want to hear from residents about issues at the Del Mar Gate.

That gate, located near Spanish Springs Town Square, has been plagued by design flaws, confusion and heavy traffic.

In 2015, it was decided to add a full-time attendant at the gate. The gate attendant hasn’t solved problems and the number of complaints and gate strikes at the Del Mar Gate remain high.

The gate design puts the attendant in the awkward position of not being able to see all of the approaching traffic.

The Del Mar Gate near Spanish Springs Town Square.

The gate has the additional challenge of being located at a four-way stop that is within the jurisdiction of the Town of Lady Lake.

The Amenity Authority Committee, which has wrestled for years with the gate, discussed it again Wednesday morning.

“It’s a terrible gate,” said AAC member John Wilcox.

The AAC was presented with three options. One would be to conduct a traffic study. The second would be a complete redesign of the gate, which could be very costly. The third option is to unstaff the gate.

AAC member Ann Forrester suggested that “the word get out,” giving members the opportunity to hear from residents about the gate.

The AAC will discuss the future of the Del Mar Gate at a workshop on Jan. 23 at the District Office.

You can email your thoughts about the Del Mar Gate directly to the elected members of the AAC at:

Carl Bell

Ann Forrester

John Wilcox

Don Deakin

Lowell Barker

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