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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Gators Brownwood and IHOP advance to the CFL quarter finals

The play-in round of the Central Florida League tournament saw Gators
Brownwood and IHOP advance to the quarter finals.

Gators defeated Babiarz Law 10-6.

The Gators got three hits each by Charlie Clare, Don Evans, and Frank Murth.
Chris Iorio, Ken Atkinson, Mark Isom, Fred Hughes, Ken Ruffo, and Bob Jacques each chipped in a pair of hits in the win. Babiarz Law had two hits each from Rick Murgittroyd, Craig Dahlquist, manager, Bob Winder, Ed Moriarity, and Duane Miller.

IHOP scored in the first four innings and held off Palm Ridge Dental 12-8.

IHOP got two hits each from Gary Roth, Cal Driskill, Mike Bernbach, John Gouin, Bill Reed, and Paul Justice. Rich Bergman drove in two runs with a single and a sacrifice fly. Palm Ridge was led by Stan Kozlowski’s three hits. Adding a pair each were: Bob Shortt, Ed Niles, Don Winstead, and sub, Tom Ramberg.

Tuesday’s quarter final action saw Fross & Fross barely escape with a win over Humana, who were playing short a player, 20-19.

Bob Holbert led Fross with five hits while Bill Nisbet and Pat Perkins had four each. Perkins drove in the winning run. Jim Morton and John Wyks had three hits in the win. Humana’s John VanArnhem had the hot bat as he had a triple, a pair of doubles, and a pair of singles. Bob Roth added four hits while Kevin Moore, Gary Luck, Jim Christopher, and Pete Rose added three hits apiece.

Paul Davis Restorations defeated Synergy Wealth 19-5.

Paul Davis had four hits each by Mike Jeffries and Bob Buchanan. Ed Haith, Vic Nucatola, and Bob Kelly all had three hits, Kelly driving three runs with a homer in the sixth. Synergy Wealth’s Rick Fredieu led his team with three hits. Chipping two hits each were: Jim Creed, Rick Duemler, Dale Neff, and Gary Coleman.

IHOP continued to win as they bested Team Koller 25-17.

The game was tied at 13 at the end of the seventh inning. IHOP proceeded to go through their lineup and scored 12 runs. Team Koller only managed to score 4 runs in the bottom of the eighth. IHOP was led by Mike Bernbach’s five hits and lead off batter, Gary Roth added four hits. Stroking three hits each were: John Gouin, Paul Justice, and Bill Reed, who had an over the fence homer in the fourth. Team Koller lead off man Howard Charney had five hits and John Leone stroked four hits. With three hits were: Duane Broschat, Rocky Spottswood, Marty Berger, and Don Melcher.

Regular season champs Arden Jewelers bounced back from its only loss of the
season by defeating Gators Brownwood 13-10.

Jim White led Arden with four hits. Adding a pair of hits each were: Mark Hildebrand, Terry Baughman, Paul Isenberg, John Charles, Tom Bortle , and Gary Lewis. Gators’ Mark Isom had three hits to lead his team. Smacking two hits each were: Charlie Clare, Don Evans, Ken Atkinson, Chris Iorio, and Frank Murth.

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