Government shutdown and The Wall

To the Editor:

All present and prior shutdowns posed financial threats to ONLY the federal workforce, and no one else. The only way to pose a financial threat to either side of our USA Government, is to pose a financial threat to our Executive, Legislative, and Judicial sections of  our government. All Congress ever does is agree to disagree. Let them ALL go a month or two with no money to support their families, and perhaps we could see some action. “A taste of their own threats,” laced with a potion of urgency.
A concrete wall makes no sense. You would then need to have video cameras mounted atop the wall, or drones, or towers, to monitor activity on the other side.  One of these years, or decades, in our future, as populations increase, we will reach a saturation point on ways to stop the actions of the have nots, as they desire a better life for their families. Had our own government, in its formation, invited Mexico to join our union, perhaps this “Wall” problem would have been located at the borders of Mexica and Central America. And had the Central America countries been invited to join our union, perhaps there never would have been any need for a wall. But Mexico was never invited to join. Canada was invited, but said “No Thank You.”

Hugo Buchanan
Lady Lake