Let’s do some research that’s untainted and reliable

To the Editor:

Ideologies are systems of ideas and ideals that form a basis for economic or political theory and policy. Environmentalism is an ideology that promotes anthropogenic global warming as a political policy for the purpose of wealth redistribution. It is based on the theory that there is a catastrophic, inevitable event coming. Therefore, agree to contribute many billions of dollars to the cause, or it’s the end. Pay up right now! There’s no debate. It’s settled science! There is no such thing as settled science. Newton’s law of motion was overthrown after 200 years of serious experimental and experiential confirmations. Global warming predictions are based on complex models about complex planetary systems that no one fully understands. Climate models are inherently flawed and forever changing. The resultant predictions are speculative. Meteorologist still can not predict weather with credible accuracy. The world has about 7 million scientists. A propaganda slogan that 97 percent of scientists agree to this sham is ludicrous. Dumping lots of CO2 into the atmosphere is probably a not a good idea, but making arrogant claims of knowing exactly where it leads, is a lie. Let’s do some research that’s untainted and reliable before committing financial suicide.

Bob Moore
Village of Rio Grande