Party time in Puerto Rico

To the Editor:

The Democrat leaders are partying in Puerto Rico. Nancy and her pals in $10,000/day hotels, schmoozing with the drug dealers, drug smugglers, gun runners, child sex traffickers and about 1,000 lobbyists. You know what a “lobbyist” is – a representative of corrupt corporations who deliver kick-backs, bribes, and payoffs for Nancy and her associates in crime for “services rendered.” All this while the Government shutdown continues and our President stays in Washington fighting to secure the border, stop the lethal drug smuggling, protecting the children and working for the American People.
Who are these “lobbyists?”
The MSM won’t tell you. They are covering up for Nancy and her associates as they (the MSM) act as accomplices for the crimes at the border. Who are these “lobbyists?” We want to know! Who are these “Congress-people” living it up at the taxpayers’ expense and collecting the graft from the “lobbyists.” Doesn’t this just make you feel warm all over?

Charlie Thompson
Village of Amelia