King Trump and his ‘beautiful’ wall

Hugo Buchanan

The potential great one, hopefully to be headmaster of  this country, found out early in his bid for this master title, that if he told the same lies over and over, his subjects and base would fall in line, and believe what he said.  He needed something that he could continuously complain about, and he hit upon an idea to build a “beautiful wall,” from sea to shining sea, to keep those brown skinned rapist, drug smugglers, and murderers south of our border from getting into our country.

He was starting to convince his base that the fake news media were evil people, and have no right to even be at his rallies.  He shouted unpleasant words  at the media, and the more he did that, the more response he got from his base.  There was an evil man from World War Two that spread his hatred in the same manner.

The wall?  King Trump could care less, really, about this potential wall;  This is his ammunition to fight with the Dems.  At his rallies, it was all hatred remarks about Hillary, the evil coming from south of the border, the wall, (“Mexico will pay”), “No Collusion with Russia,” and now, the Dems control the House, which fits exactly within his plan toward winning a second term.

The King hardly ever discussed the “wall” with the Republican Congress, as he had a feeling they would turn him down, and it would do him no good to bad mouth his own party. Now, he has federal workers about to miss their second paychecks, unable to buy food for their young, unable to make those car payments, home mortgage payments, credit card payments, and what about all that interest on unpaid credit card balances?  

It is time now to put the blame on no “Wall” funds, AND the shutdown, directly on the Dems.  And King Trump knows exactly how to spread those lies. With help from Prince Don Jr. and Princess Ivanka, they will provide extra ammunition, if needed. 

His base will love it, and it should lead him victoriously towards a second term

Hugo Buchanan is a resident of Lady Lake.