Is the media obvious enough yet?

To the Editor:

The Democrats had the worst week in recent history.
The Virginia governor succession line has dropped to the dog license manager in search of an appropriate candidate with a clean record. Elizabeth Warren’s law application surfaces indicating she was a self-professed American Indian yet she finally admits she is not and announces her candidacy for president.  Democrats back off their staunch stance, “guilty until proven innocent” (the position that tried to crucify Brett Kavanaugh) in the Ass’t Governor Fairfax matter and will “investigate.”
AOC introduces the Green Deal, which will bankrupt the government and incentivize many to stop working. Kamala Harris (D-Ca) wants to replace the 50.6 million people on company sponsored healthcare with her Medicare for program.
And what do The Sunday Morning Talk Shows cover?…fact checking Trump’s SOTU speech, Trump’s relationship with the National Enquirer and “other items in the news.”
I could list an additional 10 -20 other disasters befallen the Democrats this week but suffice to say, it was a bad 7 days. When will everyone realize the media doesn’t report the news, they decide what news we should hear.  Frightening to think that a small group of individuals can direct the future of our country.

Ed Magenheimer
Bridgeport at Lake Sumter