Road rage incident with firearm near The Villages prompts call for help

A man called 911 for help Tuesday after claiming to be a victim of a road rage incident involving a firearm on Hwy. 42 in Summerfield just outside the walls of The Villages.

The man told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that he was traveling eastbound in the 9400 block of SE Hwy. 42 when he came up on a semi traveling under the speed limit in the slow lane and another vehicle traveling at about the same speed beside the tractor trailer. The man said as he was traveling behind the semi, another vehicle approached at a high rate of speed and started tailgating him. He said he moved into the fast lane and the other vehicle changed lanes and continued tailgating him, a sheriff’s office report states.

The man told the deputy that he eventually got in front of the semi and the other vehicle then pulled up alongside him. He said the driver, described as an older man, rolled down his window and started screaming while pointing a firearm at him, the report says.

The man said he slammed on his brakes and the other driver also started braking in an attempt to stay beside him. The man said he grabbed his cell phone and started calling 911 and when the other driver saw him, he quickly drove away and the man wasn’t able to keep up with the vehicle, the report says.

Deputies failed to locate the vehicle involved in the incident on Tuesday but planned to continue searching for it, the report says.