Walls work

To the Editor:

Walls WORK, I don’t think any one with a brain can dispute that and if for some reason your brain thinks they don’t work, then I think you have a inferior brain. You live in a house with WALLS, if it rains you go inside under a roof with walls. There’s that word again. They have been built all over the world for thousands of years and they have worked all the time everywhere. They are the opposite of bridges that get you where you want to go, they stop you or the weather. I agree you can get around them if you put in the extra time and effort, TIME AND EFFORT, there is the key. THE EXTRA EFFORT. If you make the extra effort hard enough most people will give up proving walls WORK. You may not want them but you must admit the DO WORK. I don’t like walls except when I go to bed at night.

Tom Edge
Village of Mallory Square