Wrong-way driver caught on video zipping down Buena Vista Boulevard

A visitor to The Villages on Monday night saw firsthand the dangers that exist on roadways in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown.

Alex Cadle was traveling down Buena Vista Boulevard shortly before 9 p.m. when he spotted a wrong-way driver heading north in the southbound lanes toward the roundabout near the Savannah Center. An avid video enthusiast who posts under the name Beard Adventures on YouTube and Instagram, the 27-year-old Cadle flipped on his video camera and captured the action as the small SUV zoomed down Buena Vista, meeting other surprised motorists along the way.

“What’s that car doing?” an excited Cadle can be heard saying on the video. “Where’s he going? That’s not the right way you go in a roundabout.”

Alex Cadle and Melody Lane

As the vehicle Cadle is in makes its way around the traffic circle, it and several other vehicles are forced to come to a complete stop to allow the wrong-way driver to enter the correct lanes of the roadway.

As a horn honks in the background, the wrong-way driver then speeds away down Buena Vista with Cadle still following behind.

“Stick to a golf cart, bro!” Cadle says, as the video ends.

Cadle, of Senoia, Ga., is in The Villages visiting his mother, Melody Lane, who lives in the Village of Calumet Grove. He said he enjoys photographing sunsets in the community and posting them on various social media platforms.

Several motorists were forced to come to a complete stop Monday night to allow a wrong-way driver the chance to get back into the northbound lanes of Buena Vista Boulevard.