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We the people are the target of CO2 misinformation

John Shewchuk

A “deep state” report has just been uncovered which unveils the basis for the Global Warming hoax.

It seems that interviews with space aliens at Area 51 have uncovered a fascinating scientific discovery.  Their observations conclude that as more earthlings carry closed umbrellas, the probability of rain increases.

Jumping Jehoshaphat — it’s true — there is in fact a positive correlation.  Even the earthling children believe it to be true.  Aliens and humans agree – it must be a consensus!  The debate is over.  As more and more umbrellas are produced, the rains will become catastrophic. The future appears frightening — floods, destruction, and worldly doom! Sound familiar? 

No, this is not April Fools … but it is the same faulty logic regarding CO2 and global warming.  The climate fanatics have twisted the science.  In reality, warmer air allows more absorption of CO2.  More importantly, ice cores from past ice ages show that CO2 levels generally increased AFTER air temperatures increased.  This is natural.  Besides, we are after all, in the middle of an interglacial warming period.  Global warming is supposed to happen now!  Not only is warmth necessary for humans, but CO2 is essential for life on earth.  In fact, during the dinosaur age, our earth had more than 5 times the amount of CO2 than we currently have, and life flourished.  We need more CO2 for a healthier, greener planet.  So let’s all exhale and stimulate life!              

You’re now probably saying … but CO2 is a greenhouse gas.  Yes it is, but a relatively small factor as compared to the Granddaddy of them all — water vapor.  Water vapor constitutes nearly 80 percent all greenhouse gases, which is another fact the climate alarmists omit.  It is the largest single contributor to the Earth’s greenhouse system.  This is why, during nights with calm or light winds, we feel warmer when it’s cloudy.  Clouds act as blankets at night, yet reflect sunlight during the day.  Incredibly, climate models not only ignore water vapor interactions but they also contain fudge factors.  Why?  Because the Left is obsessed on exploiting CO2’s role in climate change, even though it is a relatively small warming factor.  They can’t control water vapor (because of the oceans) so they deceivingly framed CO2 as a big, ugly villain. CO2 is their “paper tiger” and you’re the target.

We the people are the target of CO2 misinformation.  This daily barrage of climate propaganda is specifically designed as a scare tactic in order to gain your votes and money in a fanatical quest for political power.  The goal of the climate change hoax is no different than that of universal health care.  They are both designed to dramatically expand government takeover of our lives – from healthcare to industry.  This is what happened in Venezuela.  Because the public is now becoming more aware of the Left’s “global warming” hoax, the alarmists have switched names again, and now are trying to push the Green New Deal.  Same game – different name. 

Still not sure it’s a hoax?  Well, not only does CO2 have a minor impact on atmospheric warming, but increasing levels of CO2 do not create proportional temperature increases. Instead, CO2 gas follows the law of diminishing returns.  As CO2 levels increase, warming rates decrease. Like wearing multiple sunglasses … when you put on more and more sunglasses, light darkening becomes less and less noticeable. This is why extreme amounts of CO2 during the dinosaur age did not create a runaway greenhouse. Additionally, the oceans absorb CO2, and amazingly, various rocks from around the world also absorb CO2. Mother nature is amazingly resilient and resourceful.  So, exhale as much as possible and take longer hot, steamy showers — because more CO2 and more water vapor are good for life on earth.        

John Shewchuk is a resident of the Village of Calumet Grove and a frequent contributor to Villages-News.com

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