Lawn bowler pointed toward Fenney after complaining about lack of play time at Rio Grande

The head of the The Villages Lawn Bowls Club complained Wednesday before the Amenity Authority Committee about lack of space and play time.

John Garbett, of the Village of Rio Ponderosa, said his club is “desperate” to have a second green at the Rio Grande facility. He called a split from the croquet club “long overdue.” He also expressed some envy about money and property soon to be devoted to an upgrade of the Rio Grande Air Gun Range.

He said the lawn bowlers only get 3.5 days per week to play.

Recreation Director John Rohan reminded Garbett that a lawn bowling facility also is available at the Fenny Putt & Play located in the Village of Fenney.

Henry Landsberg tries out the lawn bowling facility on opening day in 2017 at the Fenney Putt & Play.

However, Fenney is not golf cart accessible and a well-documented parking problem at the Fenney Putt & Play has forced Wildwood to take action on a parking ordinance.

Rohan held out the possibility that the First Responders Recreation Center to be located at the former home of the First Baptist Church of The Villages in Community Development District 4 could potentially included a lawn bowling facility.

Rohan also presented the AAC with findings of a recent survey about what residents want to see at the First Responders Recreation Center. You can view Rohan’s report here: First_Baptist_Church_Survey_Results_final