Failed country club restaurant will close its doors this weekend in The Villages

Hacienda Hills Country Club

A failed country club restaurant will close its doors this weekend in The Villages.

The Hacienda Hills Country Club restaurant on Saturday will permanently close its doors. The restaurant was deserted Tuesday evening, with only a few people seated at the bar.

This news follows an announcement earlier this month by District Manager Richard Baier that the Developer is offering the Amenity Authority Committee the chance to purchase the restaurant, swimming pool, tennis courts and parking lots. The Developer wants to hang onto the golf course and pro shop.

Hacienda Hills has been beset with problems.

This past year, the Hacienda Hills Country Club restaurant was shut down after a health inspector discovered unclean surfaces and roaches. A new manager was brought in to try to right the ship at the restaurant that has been dogged by complaints of poor service and mediocre food. The pool at Hacienda Hills Country Club was shut down Feb. 23, 2018 after an inspector found problems with the chlorine and pH levels.

The Developer has a history of trying to unload unprofitable properties on the AAC.

A crew demolishes the El Santiago Club restaurant.

The AAC in 2013 purchased the old El Santiago Club restaurant from the Developer for $350,000. At the time, Rich Lambrecht was serving on the AAC and expressed skepticism about the purchase. To its horror and after shelling out $350,000, the AAC learned that the El Santiago Club restaurant building was unusable. It was demolished.

That same year, a pitch was made to the AAC to purchase the Tierra Del Sol Restaurant. The AAC passed on that offer. Later the Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol and Tierra Del Sol Bar & Grill took over the old restaurant space.