Popular Villages performers to pay tribute to moms in special Mother’s Day show

Mary Jo Vitale, Dawn DiNome and Billie Thatcher are pooling their amazing musical talents to pay tributes to mothers, motherhood and all that entails in a show on Mother’s Day at 7 p.m. at Lake Miona Recreation Center.

Mary Jo Vitale, Dawn DiNome and Billie Thatcher

“People are used to seeing us on stage in glitzy costumes,” said Vitale, “But we are addressing all aspects of motherhood, including changing dirty diapers, picking up toys and doing the never-ending chores of dishes and laundry.”

In that spirit and using song parodies to help the story, Vitale said not to be surprised to see them on stage in slippers – and yes, the ubiquitous yoga pants may make an appearance.

This will be the fourth year Vitale and DiNome, both mothers themselves, have been honoring motherhood with a musical tribute.

“We take the audience on a real journey, there is laughter and tears,” said Vitale.

Mary Jo Vitale, Dawn DiNome and Billie Thatcher – three highly popular Villagers entertainers – will come together on Sunday, May 12 to perform a special Mother’s Day tribute show at Lake Miona Recreation Center. Vitale says the show will address all aspects of motherhood, from changing dirty diapers to picking up toys to the never-ending chores of dishes and laundry.

For the first time, veteran Villages performer Billie Thatcher is joining the show. Vitale said she is excited to have Thatcher joining the show, and she is excited for the audience to hear the three of them performing “Wind Beneath my Wings.”

“There is something for everyone at this show,” Vitale said.

The show always draws a large crowd.

“We’ve all had mothers or a mother figure in our lives,” Vitale said.

The show is filled with a variety of music, including familiar songs done in a new way. One of the parodies uses the song “This is Me” from the movie “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

Mary Jo Vitale and Dawn DiNome performed a stirring Mother’s Day tribute show last year at the Lake Miona Recreation Center. Singer Billie Thatcher will be joining them for this year’s show, which will be held Sunday, May 12 at 7 p.m. at Lake Miona Recreation Center.

Also, Vitale’s and DiNome’s children will appear on stage and their mothers will be in the audience.

“Actually, my mom will be greeting everyone at the door and doing the grandma thing, helping keep the kids in tow while I am backstage,” said Vitale. “Both Dawn and I could not do what we do without the support of our moms.”

Tickets for the Sunday, May 12 show can be purchased at the Villages Box Office or online at www.thevillagesentertainment.com. Tickets are $25 for residents and $30 for the general public. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Lake Miona Recreation Center is located at 1526 Buena Vista Boulevard.