Lake County road maintenance crew lauded for saving emaciated dog

A Lake County Public Works Road Maintenance Operations crew saved this dog, which has been named Glory, after they found her abandoned and emaciated in Leesburg recently.

A Lake County Public Works Road Maintenance Operations crew is being lauded for its heroic efforts in saving an emaciated, abandoned dog.

On Tuesday, the crew was mowing grass along Sunnyside Drive in Leesburg when Matthew Dexter and Aaron Cates found the dog, which has since been named Glory. They quickly realized she was abnormally thin, weak and in need of immediate medical attention. So they held Glory and prevented her from being hit by vehicles while contacting Lake County Animal Enforcement. She was then transported to the Lake County Animal Shelter, where she weighed in at a mere 22 pounds.

Through the animal shelter’s partnership with the rescue agency Pit Sisters Inc., based out of Jacksonville, Glory received emergency overnight care, where veterinarians gave her fluids and provided life-saving supportive care and continuously monitored her recuperation.

“I know we have a great group of employees, but this week I found out we have a couple of heroes!” said Lori Koontz, Lake County Road Operations division manager.

On Friday morning, Glory was eating, drinking and slowly gaining her strength back, thanks to the combined efforts of the road maintenance crew, the animal shelter and its partners.