Governor’s first veto shows support for local control rather than edicts from Tallahassee

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ first veto should be cheered in cities, towns, counties and municipalities all across the state.

DeSantis swiftly vetoed a measure sent to him by the legislature that would have barred Florida communities from enacting bans on plastic straws, which many have determined are harmful to our environment.

Whether you love or loathe plastic straws, the important message in the governor’s veto is that those decisions should be left to local communities – not Tallahassee.

“The state should simply allow local communities to address this issue through the political process. Citizens who oppose plastic straw ordinances can seek recourse by electing people who share their views,” DeSantis said in announcing his veto.

We applaud the governor’s common sense viewpoint on this issue near and dear to our hearts.

We elect local officials to make decisions about local issues.

In recent years, Tallahassee has seemed bound and determined to step in and override local control.

Another example is the statehouse’s decision to pass a law demanding that homeowners be allowed to grow vegetable gardens in their front yards. In The Villages, such a measure could take a serious toll on the community’s aesthetics, which are closely tied to property values. 

The Tallahassee overreach has to end.

We are grateful that our new governor appears to share that viewpoint.