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Naked woman accused of biting two men during nasty spat

Tina Marie Giunto

A Summerfield woman spent Sunday night in the Marion County Jail after being accused of biting two men while she was drunk and naked.

The victims told Marion County sheriff’s deputies they were both bitten by Tina Marie Guinto, 36, of SE 138th Place Road, while they were trying to get away from her during a verbal altercation. Both said she was highly intoxicated and naked, according to the sheriff’s office report.

One of the victims said he was trying to leave the scene and ran to the other victim’s truck. He said Guinto followed him to the vehicle, opened the door, began punching him multiple times and then bit him on the nose. He said he saw Guinto bite the other victim, too, the report said.

The other victim said he was trying to “calm the situation down” and keep Guinto from leaving the house naked. He said he was blocking the door area when Guinto ran up and bit him in the chest. He said he then saw Guinto enter his truck and bite the first victim, according to the report.

Deputies observed the first victim had two lacerations on his nose and a small cut on his left earlobe, while the other victim had a bite mark on his center chest area, just below his collarbone, that was red, swelling and starting to bruise, the report said.

Guinto told deputies she was arguing with one victim while the other was also in the bedroom. She said she bit the first victim in the nose after he grabbed her, “sprawled” her across the bed and held her hands above her head while yelling at her. Guinto did not admit to biting the other victim and said she didn’t know how he received his injury, according to the report.

Giunto was charged with one count of battery and one count of domestic battery and taken to the Marion County Jail. She was released Monday on $1,000 bond and will answer to the charges in Marion County Court on June 18.

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