Memorial Day is a day to remember

Marina Woolcock

As we celebrate Memorial Day 2019, we should take a moment to thank our veterans and currently serving members of the armed forces standing watch, some far from home.

Memorial Day is to honor and remember our fallen servicemen and women. We remember them and their families who have given their last measure of commitment to our country. Like our veterans on Veterans Day, these fallen heroes deserve a special day to be remembered. 

When these men and women took their oath of office they pledged to defend, not a king or a president or a government, but to defend a sacred and respected document for all ages. That  document, the first of it’s kind in the modern world, our own U.S. Constitution, “against all enemies both foreign and domestic”.  

It’s not a stretch to say as we remember those fallen heroes and our veterans as well as our current serving members of the military, they pledged, “their lives, their homes and their sacred honor.”

May they rest in peace and may the United States of America always remember them on Memorial Day.

Marina Woolcock is president of the Republican Federated Women of The Villages and mother of an American soldier.