Animal control orders Villager to put up dog house for pet tethered outside

An animal control officer ordered a Villager to put up a dog house if a pet was to continue to be tethered outside his home.

Lady Lake Animal Control on May 31 investigated a complaint about a dog that had been tethered at a home in the 800 block of Oxbow Drive on the Historic Side of The Villages. The complainant had driven by in the morning and afternoon of the previous day and noticed the dog tied up outside.

An animal control officer made contact with the homeowner who said he was watching the dog, named Bojangles, for his daughter-in-law who was at work at a “demanding” job. The man said the dog has plenty of shade and water. The animal control officer said that if the dog was to be tethered outside for more than 10 to 15 minutes, some sort of shelter or a doghouse would have to be constructed.

The animal control officer reached the man’s daughter-in-law who said a doghouse could not be constructed, according to deed compliance rules in The Villages. She also said her father-in-law was not in any condition to stay outside with her dog due to a medical condition. The woman said she is hoping to “re-home” the dog.