Actioned-packed ‘Anna’ gets must-see rating

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

Anna is a Russian spy and assassin. She is beautiful, athletic, charming and cunning. Putting a pistol shot in the dead center of an assigned victim’s forehead is her signature. She is also a bisexual who can please both ends of the DNA spectrum.

Actress Sasha Luss comes without a lot of film credits, yet completely fills this dazzling role of the action heroine. Her controller is Olga played by Helen Mirren in an Orphan Annie wig that you will have you doing a double take.

The action fight scenes where Anna seems to take on both Russians and Americans are spectacular. Credits list a stunt double, but other reviews say Luss does most of her own martial arts.

Recruited by the FBI/CIA, she makes a deal. If she fulfills her assignments, she gets a condo in Hawaii and a substantial pension.

Are the final scenes near Diamond Head?

Anna” gets my highest Must See recommendation. It is currently playing at the Rialto Theater in The Villages.

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