Villager with history of asking tough questions seeks appointment to CDD 7 seat

Ron Ruggeri

A Villager with a history of asking tough questions is seeking appointment to a seat on the Community Development District 7 Board of Supervisors.

Ron Ruggeri previously served as a supervisor in CDD 7 but resigned in 2017.

Last month, CDD 7 Chairman Ron McMahon announced his resignation from the board, opening the door for the appointment of a new supervisor, expected to be made at the board’s 8 a.m. Thursday meeting at the District Office at Lake Sumter Landing.

Ruggeri had served as CDD 7’s primary representative on the Project Wide Advisory Committee, a role now filled by Supervisor Jerry Vicenti, who ruffled a few feathers earlier this week. In that capacity, Ruggeri was known for asking probing questions. In 2016, he raised the possibility that CDDs 1 through 4 and the Developer should be asked to chip in on a $1.7 million project to shore up the Morse Boulevard Bridge embankment. He had pushed for a “forensic investigation” into what had happened at the bridge.

Other applicants for the supervisor’s seat are Edward Sullivan and John George.