Recreation News is getting out of hand

To the Editor:

While the cost of the Recreational News is getting out hand, I fully support the need to have this vehicle to provide us with all the great activity choices we have here in The Villages.
My suggestion is two fold. I would recommend we print the Recreational News once a month and deliver it in the Daily Sun on the first Thursday of every month and place copies at the Rec Centers. The majority of the schedules and activities don’t change during the month.
We print monthly news letter in our neighborhood group and everyone knows to provide any changes to activities prior to printing it for the month. This would give us the information we need and greatly reduce the overall cost.
I would like see us start the process of putting Recreation News online.
It would be great to be able to search for activities online.
This would provide the information to both groups, those who don’t use technology and those who do. here is a much larger group than you think who don’t use technology.

Steve Bova
Village of Hillsborough