Comcast makes changes to mail servers, creates email distribution problems

Comcast Communications, the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world, has made changes to its mail servers that have taken a toll on thousands of users across the nation.

After receiving dozens of complaints from subscribers with Comcast email addresses, staff investigated the issue and discovered that during a recent update to their mail servers, hundreds of thousands of Comcast email subscribers were presented with issues ranging from not receiving emails to not being able to send emails.

According to a post on the company’s support forum, the issue is being caused by a “newer system [on the] platform.” The issue has prevented many subscribers from receiving the daily email newsletter that has become the most well-read email in The Villages.

“We have been working hard to diagnose the issue and address all of our affected users, but it’s been an uphill battle,” says co-owner Jeremiah Delgado.

“In the six years since our inception, we have always seemed to experience issues with Comcast email addresses and we know the problem is rarely if ever on our end,” added Delgado.

According to Comcast, the company has “altered some tuning variables” as of Monday and is hopeful that the adjustments will have a positive impact going forward.

In an email to, Comcast said it is “not really trying to hide anything” and that “most senders have said things are looking better as of this morning.”

“We made a number of changes last night based on feedback from senders. Some of this relates to what they view as harsh limits, or their inability to configure their systems to gain their full volume,” said a Comcast representative.

For subscribers that are affected, the company recommends using an alternative email address to receive email correspondence. Although it may be a minor inconvenience, this is not the first time Comcast users have experienced issues, and suspects it will not be the last.

If you need to change your email address with, please send an email to, or visit and include the words “email change” in your correspondence.

For any Comcast users who do not have alternative email addresses, recommends switching to an email provider like Gmail. In the six years that has operated in The Villages, it has never once experienced issues with Gmail accounts, which are free and are the most secure form of email on the internet. Sign up for a Gmail account here.