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Retirees’ community mirrors The Villages

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

“Have the time of your life for the rest of your life” is the banner that drives Martha (Diane Keaton) to buy a home in a retirement golf cart community. She is lonely and fighting a losing battle with cancer. 

Martha meets next-door neighbor Sheryl (Jackie Weaver) under an unusual situation.

“May I switch my party to your place?” Sheryl asks. She has been forewarned that the ruckus party she is holding has been reported to the sheriff’s office as disturbing the peace.

Martha consents and they become best friends. Sheryl advises Martha to live her dreams while she still can. “I made the high school cheerleading team, but had to drop out to take care of my sick mother,” Martha laments. She still has her unused poms. The pair decide to give it try.

They need to recruit six other hopefuls. The auditions and later the rehearsals for a cheerleader contest are an outright scream. 

Both Keaton and Weaver are excellent actors. While men may find this show just “OK,” women will find it a blast as witnessed by the high-pitched laughter at the Rialto Theater in The Villages. It is a fun show and receives a B-plus rating. 

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