Small business prospering under President Trump

Congressman Daniel Webster

We continue to see small businesses and employees prosper thanks to the regulatory and policy changes since President Trump was elected.

A recent editorial summarized the latest personal income data with “The 99% Get a Bigger Raise.”  Analyzing the recent data, the editorial found that in the first six months of this year, employee compensation improved by $150 billion more than it did in all of 2016. The editorial states, “In sum, Americans are earning more and relying less on government.” 

This is great news! One of America’s founding ideals is that anyone, regardless of where they started, through hard work and dedication can become successful and enjoy the fruits of their success. Yet for many years, arcane laws, complex regulations, and flaws in our tax and regulatory system did not serve the interests of the majority of Americans. The losers were small businesses, families and young Americans who are trying to get ahead and build a better life.

Thanks to recent reforms to our tax code and replacing unnecessary and burdensome government red-tape with policies that allow small businesses to flourish and give hardworking taxpayers an even playing field, wages are on the rise.

Congressman Daniel Webster represents The Villages in the U.S. House of Representatives.