New homeowner eager to make up for lack of ‘enthusiasm’ of previous owner

A new homeowner in the Village of Lake Deaton is eager to make up for the lack of “enthusiasm” of the previous owner of the home.

Kim Cote on Wednesday before the Architectural Review Committee described her plans for improvements at the home at 1946 Picnic Place.

“The property we recently purchased was built in 2014. The previous owners planted eight palm trees, assorted bushes and many annuals and perennials. That is where their enthusiasm stopped,” Cote told the ARC.

She said there is no defining edging any where on the property.

“We wish to add metal edging to delineate the foundation plantings. The property has one large concrete ‘kwik kurb’ that was added randomly. We wish to remove that curb to keep with the aesthetics of the existing landscape,” she explained in her application to the ARC.

1946 Picnic Place

She hopes to add a six-inch light-colored stone curb around the front bed of the home.

“We request to relocate the three large unkempt bushes against the side of the home beside the pool equipment to the front of the pool equipment to shield the unsightly equipment and cut down on the noise from the pump for the neighbors’ viewing aesthetics,” Cote wrote in her application.

Her application won unanimous approval from the ARC.

The Cotes purchased the home in April for $625,000. They plan to do the work themselves.