Papa Pineapples bringing tropical twist to tacos in new downtown Leesburg location

Papa Pineapples is looking to bring a tropical twist to tacos at a new location in downtown Leesburg.

Owner Scott Snyder has operated Papa Pineapples as a food truck for many years, and is hoping to make a permanent home at 314 Main Street, in the heart of downtown Leesburg.

Scott Snyder, owner of Papa Pineapples, flipping handmade flour tortillas
Scott Snyder, owner of Papa Pineapples, flipping handmade flour tortillas.

This past week, Snyder hosted dozens of excited fans for soft opening celebrations to try the new menu and train new employees.

Fans were able to try some of the combinations that have made Snyder’s food truck a hit all across the state. The variety of tacos includes pineapple cilantro pork, Korean barbecue beef, Hawaiian barbecue chicken, chili lime chicken and black bean mango tacos, which are a vegetarian alternative.

Korean BBQ taco at Papa Pineapples
Korean BBQ taco at Papa Pineapples.
Hawaiian BBQ taco at Papa Pineapples
Hawaiian BBQ taco at Papa Pineapples.

The restaurant is giving Snyder the opportunity to spread his wings and improve his food offering: He now boasts flour tortillas from scratch for each order, a perk none of his local competitors offered in the past.

Staff roll out flour tacos by hand at Papa Pineapples
Staff roll out flour tacos by hand at Papa Pineapples.

In addition to exotic tacos, the taco spot, which is located across the street from the popular Myron Leggett Studio, will serve beer and wine, as well as burgers and fresh sides.

Beer and wine at Papa Pineapples
Wine and beer on draft and in the bottle will be available at Papa Pineapples.

The building was formerly the home to Southern Gourmet and Cafe. After it closed up shop earlier this year, Snyder purchased the location and despite training for and taking part in an iron man event in Canada in July, he worked at a blistering pace to have the building open for business this fall.

Pape Pineapples in Leesburg, Florida
Papa Pineapples in Leesburg

He plans on opening his doors on Friday, Sept. 6, at 11 a.m. The restaurant should remain open each day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., except for Sunday, when the restaurant will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visit the Papa Pineapples website for more information and details.

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