DAR members donate George Washington bust to local library

The John Bartram Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution donated a bust of George Washington to the new Fruitland Park Library.

It was a fitting tribute to mark Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23, by placing the bust of George Washington at the library. 

Susan O’Dell, Cindy Kolevar, former Regent Sheri Hudson, Fruitland Park Librarian JoAnne Glenndening, Claudia Jacques and current Regent Sandra Purcell, from left.

George Washington was instrumental in the development of the written document that describes the freedoms that all Americans now have. By gathering delegates from the 12 colonies, Rhode Island did not attend, he was able to forge something better than the Articles of Confederation into the basis for a workable government that provided for a uniform currency and allowed interstate commerce. And it allowed for corrections to be made through amendments that could be added to correct or modify problems that might occur. 

“Thus, our Constitution is a fluid, living document and shorter than that of any other country’s constitution,” said Claudia Jacques, of the John Bartram Chapter.

There are now 26 amendments that have been added since 1787.