Villagers for Trump heading to Bushnell for upcoming Parade & Fall Festival

Members of Villagers for Trump are getting ready for an appearance at the Bushnell Parade & Fall Festival.

Villagers for Trump will have new items for sale at the upcoming Bushnell Parade & Fall Festival.
Trump 2020 bottled water

The group of 2,100 members – many of whom attended President Trump’s visit in The Villages last week followed by the Second Annual Trump Day Dinner featuring actor Stephen Baldwin – will have a table set up at the event, which will be held Saturday, Oct. 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Kenny Dixon Sports Complex, 824 W Noble Ave., in Bushnell.

According to Executive Director Sid Bowdidge, members will sing songs supporting President Trump while selling Trump gear and their popular Trump 2020 bottled water. The group, which frequently holds golf cart parades and sign-waving events to support the president, recently unveiled new Trump clothing and hats that can be purchased, as well as the customized red, white and blue water bottles that have proven to be quite popular with Villagers and area residents.

Villagers for Trump formed a little more than a year ago and has steadily added new members. The group, which clearly has become the choice among area Republicans hoping to get into local GOP politics, saw a huge increase in its membership in the past two weeks prior to Trump’s visit to the community.