Sex in the Swamp

John Shewchuk

Some say the folks who work in the Deep State thrive within their own tight-knit community. 

Others say they are sustained by interbreeding between the mass media, Hollywood elite, public education, and liberal legislators.  Could this be what Hillary had in mind with her book, “It Takes a Village?”  But then again, maybe it’s more like “Peyton Place” … the Mueller edition. 

Some say Michael Moore is already planning his next movie — a romantic thriller, starring Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, where they impersonate Russian agents trying to sell impeachment insurance to the White House.

Unnamed sources say it will be called “Sex in the Swamp.”  And it might even become mandatory viewing in California elementary schools.  No doubt those kids will also want to emulate our newly elected Democrat congresswoman, and marry their brothers. 

I do wonder, however, what ever happened to brother Bill Clinton?  Did he escape the “village” or did he start his own village?  Only time will tell … with maybe a tell-all book … or better yet, a movie produced by Harvey Weinstein called “The Village of Bubba.”

But in the meantime, I’m rooting for Joe Biden.  In order to further his political career, Joe should follow the honorable example used by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and try doing “blackface” to obtain Obama’s endorsement.  Yet there is just one more nagging question.  If Joe gets elected, will his village let us keep our doctors?

Villager John Shewchuk is a frequent contributor to