Villages Developer is in drivers seat so where is POA?

To the Editor:

Where is the document that will demand the Developer or (those hedge fund folks they could sell out to) would keep the parks mowed, the country clubs and their pools open, the trails and roads maintained, the fake security in place, etc.?
What will you do as your home value crashes? We’ve seen the start already with the charging to watch a Christmas tree light up or the closing of the clubs such as; Silver Lake, Chula Vista, Hacienda, etc.  What can a few of us do?  Nothing much.
Now POA (Property Owners Association) are you prepared to take on the beast? I’ve asked you that before and you never answer.  POA are your prepared or when the time comes will you wait again as six citizens pool their money and win the Paradise Award for all The Villages residents’ benefit?

Ray Viall
Village of Orange Blossom Gardens