Alternative to global warming is quite chilling

John Shewchuk

In response to a recently posted opinion called, “Climate change is a security threat,” I just want to say that the article should be called … “Climate change CAN BE a security threat.”  Any change “can be” a threat if you’re not prepared.  It’s no different than getting a sunburn.  It’s all about protection and/or avoidance of the danger — whether it be the sun, icebergs, or climate change. 

The inferred authority of the sources quoted from the “” materials is very misleading.  Those quoted “generals” are all retired … they are only civilians, who are paid for certain opinions.  That’s alarmist capitalism at work.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they are government employees.  More importantly, generals train to fight wars, not climate.   

The quoted “” materials are partially correct.  They do  provide terrific advice for our massive military-industrial complex.  However, in many cases it’s several years too late regarding ongoing climate changes affecting certain assets.  It’s appalling they didn’t first consult climate history to know that the ongoing temperature and sea level changes have been expected by our science community for a very long time. 

Science has known about these recurring temperature and sea level changes for over 100 years.  Since we are in the latest Ice Age warming cycle, called the Interglacial Warming Period, temperatures and sea levels will continue to rise.  And they will continue to rise until the next Ice Age cooling cycle begins.  So what’s the problem?  These recurring changes are normal (like the tides) and should not be used as scare tactics.

The most remarkable part about the quoted “” materials are its pervasive demonization of CO2 and climate change.  Even though the global warming hoax had been festering for many years, the high crime occurred when the Obama EPA office held a kangaroo court in 2009 and labeled CO2 a pollutant.  After signing the conviction papers, they all smiled and exhaled CO2.  What a joke that was.  That conviction was like calling Mother Teresa a terrorist.  CO2 is the breath of life for plants, upon which our lives are completely dependent. 

Most greenhouses pump in CO2 concentrations that are 3 to 4 times greater than in our air.  We experience these same elevated CO2 levels during air travel … and they are well within OSHA limits.  We all exhale CO2.  All sparkling and fizzy soft drinks contain CO2.  Plus there are numerous uses of CO2 which make our life more comfortable, safer, and healthier … including Dry Ice, which is frozen CO2. 

But what about those who say CO2 is a dangerous greenhouse warming gas?  Not so.  They forget about water vapor (H2O).  Water vapor is THE dominant greenhouse gas.  On average, water vapor (and clouds) constitute about 80% of greenhouse gases, while CO2 is only about 15%.  Since water vapor is the champion of greenhouse gases, why didn’t Obama label water vapor a pollutant?  That’s because water vapor (including its vast oceanic sources) is so abundant and freely available, that it can’t be taxed like CO2 can.  It’s all about power and money.

CO2’s global warming impacts are tiny compared to H2O.  The additional heating gained by doubling CO2 is less than tiny.  It will, however, make the earth greener and healthier.  Fortunately for us, President Trump is fully aware that the CO2 pollutant label is a sham, and the CO2 greenhouse affect is insignificant — including the fact that more CO2 helps forest growth and food production.

But back to climate change.  During the last 50 years (according to NOAA), global temperatures have risen about 0.03 degrees Fahrenheit per year.  Yikes, I may have to stay inside next year because of  a scorching 0.03 higher degree heat wave.  During the last 50 years (according to NOAA), sea levels have risen about 1/8th of an inch per year.  OMG, my ocean beach sand-castle will wash away next year due to a humongous 1/8th of an inch higher wave.  I’m so scared — not.

It’s logical that these tiny climatic changes add up over time, but guess what, they are suppose to do that because we are in the current Interglacial Warming Period.  Scientists know that.  Why doesn’t the public?  Forget the fake Al Gore tipping point scam.  The real tipping point challenge is knowing when the next Ice Age cooling period begins.  While we know what has already happened, we have no idea when that cooling tipping point will be reached.

Looking forward, many think we have already reached the cooling tipping point, while others say its a few more years down the road.  So why are we spending millions on stopping CO2 production when any additional CO2 is thermally insignificant?  Reducing CO2 is a foolish endeavor, just like when they started attacking industrial emissions when other alarmists feared an imminent Ice Age in the early 70s.  Unfortunately, alarmism is prevalent throughout history. 

Regarding sea level change … this is a natural cycle … just like the tides.  We don’t suddenly build homes on the tidal shores when the tides are out, because that would be stupid.  Then why do we build cities on low-lying shores when we know the seas repeatedly rise during Interglacial Warming Periods?  Or maybe … not everyone knows that.  Why is that?

That’s easy.  Our public education system has failed humanity — including our retired generals.  Consequently, our governments have failed to advise, protect, and warn its citizens.  This well known cycle of Ice Ages has been clearly recognized by the science community for many years.  So, isn’t it time for our educational system to get educated?  In the meantime, enjoy global warming while it lasts, because the alternative is very chilling.

Villager John Shewchuk is frequent contributor to