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The Villages
Friday, September 30, 2022

Sumter Commission candidate picks up realtors’ endorsement

Sumter County Commission candidate Craig Estep of the Village of Hacienda North received the endorsement in the District 3 race from the Realtors Association of Lake and Sumter Counties.

Congratulating Craig Estep, center, on his endorsement are, from left, Josh Summers, CEO of the Lake and Sumter Counties Realtors Association; Addie Owens, President; Geoffrey Chernault, Chair Government Affairs; Kyle Tetzlaff, Government Affairs Director.

“Estep is in a tight battle for this seat that will determine how a large portion of Sumter County is administered. Estep is dedicated to a wide open, transparent administration that will prevent huge, new property tax increases from shocking residents once again, and biting deeply into their financial resources. His election comes at a time when living with the Coronavirus has placed great pressure on the resources and well-being of all Village residents,” the association said in its endorsement.
In her letter of endorsement for Estep, Association President Addie Owens remarked:
“As we move through 2020, a year full of events none of us could have predicted, into the looming issues we are faced with as a nation, we recognize that we are in a pivotal moment in history. As leaders, it is our duty to support those who advocate for a balanced government so that our communities may continue to prosper. Now more than ever, strong leaders willing to rise into those roles, is critical. As such, it is our distinct honor to offer you our endorsement as candidate for Sumter County Commission, District 3. We believe wholeheartedly that you will be a champion for positive change in your elected position. We look forward to your service, and endeavor to continue building healthy relationships with our local leaders, both elected and appointed.”

We have never had party animal renters

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